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Discover why you drag your feet when it comes to putting the work in, and create an action plan to boost your productivity.

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Believe and Achieve Package

Establish dream goals and crush them one by one as you step up a level into the highest performing version of yourself.

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Do you want to aim big, believe in yourself and work towards your dreams?

Or are you cool with just conforming to what everyone else is doing?

Do you ever find yourself…


Questioning yourself, comparing yourself to others and worrying about other peoples’ opinions.


You KNOW you have talent, but it’s a struggle to get going and map out a clear pathway to make your dreams a reality.


Has your hectic lifestyle and irregular sleep pattern left you as a shadow of the person you once were? 

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8 Kick-Ass ways to boost your confidence in the music industry

If this sounds familiar, it’s time for you to start taking control of your life, rather than letting life control you!

During my 20 years in the music industry as a performing artist, I’ve gained first-hand experience of the highs and lows that a life in this industry brings.

One of the most common complaints I hear from people working in music is that they have overwhelmingly unbalanced lifestyles. They struggle to find time to be creative, to practice, to stay on track and spend time with their loved ones. It’s no surprise that so many people are directionless and unmotivated.

I get it! I’ve felt like this myself on several occasions, BUT… I learned that through developing the right mindset we are capable of achieving the unthinkable. Oh, and if you thought there was no such thing as a balanced lifestyle in the music industry, think again!

As a certified coach, it is my mission to bring out the best in you and drive you forward, no matter what stage in your career you’re at. That’s why I created the ‘Believe and Achieve’ Coaching Program, designed to take you to the next level, to thrive and to finally get that balance in all aspects of your personal and professional life, even while living in the fast lane!

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How would life feel if you were…

On Fire

Imagine being so hyped about life that you wake up full of energy before your alarm goes off. 

Keeping It Real

Imagine not giving a f*ck about what anyone thinks about you, and striving to stay true to yourself. 

Bossing It

Imagine bopping energetically around the room as you confidently pack your travel bag for the weekend. 


Working with Ross has been life-changing. He has a ridiculous capacity to ask tough questions at the right time in the right way.   I have a purpose. I'm more focused. I have more energy.

Andrew J
Andrew J. Johannesburg, South Africa

I have been working with Ross for a number of years now, and have found his coaching to be invaluable to my life. With his professional, positive, and energetic demeanour in every session, I can't recommend Ross enough and I look forward to continue working with him long into the future. Thanks Ross!

Henry B
Henry B. Edinburgh, Scotland

Ross gave me great guidance around the areas where I wanted to improve my life, and he helped me discover the words and beliefs that I used to use a lot that were actually holding me back.

Ross is an amazing coach. His inner beauty will help you to be the person who you’d love to be.

Suphia N
Suphia N. Health Food Entrepreneur, Hong Kong

Ross is a fantastic coach! He holds the space for his clients well, allowing them to comfortably explore their topics. Plus, his positive energy and desire to help others absolutely shine in his sessions!

Sara O
Sara O. USA

Ross has really supported me to understand my power, gaining a sense of love, growing into a resilient giant, setting goals and attaining desired results.  

I have, and am always experiencing positivity and self-motivation to thrive under any conditions. Thanks Ross!

Onyango D
Onyango D. Co-Founder, Lazima Nipate Academy, Uganda

Ross helped me see what I needed to do to move forward in a difficult period whilst trying to balance life and work.
His direct approach and positive attitude helped me manage the tasks I needed to complete and somehow made me enthusiastic to complete them.
I have recommended him and his services to people and will continue to do so.

Jim M
Jim M. Producer and DJ. Oxford, England

I didn’t have any aims or goals so I had a few sessions with Ross. Fast forward to now and I’m living the life I always wanted, I got married and I’m absolutely loving my life. Thank you for everything you did for me.

Choden G
Choden G. Kent, UK

Ross is an amazing coach!!  Being in the music industry myself, I really noticed how Ross' music background gave a unique spin on each session - he's not just a really talented life coach, he also gets music. That really stood out for me. 10/10 - highly recommended!!

Sebastien FV
Sebastien FV. DJ and Producer. Sydney, Australia

Ross has been an absolute star in helping me to become aware of some of my underlying thought patterns. In the last 3 months I have cut out my smoking by 90% and started hitting the gym at least 3 times a week.  Couldn't vouch for this man enough.  Big up to the man himself.

George B
George B. DJ, event promoter and entrepreneur. Bali, Indonesia

Ross was able to untangle my worries and offer practical solutions so I could focus on achieving my goals with a positive mindset. He is also the best cheerleader anyone could ask for!

Abby Y
Abby Y. Club DJ, producer and radio host, Hong Kong

3 steps towards vibing on a higher frequency


Start making moves by arranging a free consultation call so that we can get clarity on the work that needs to be done.

Create A Plan

We establish a concrete plan that caters for your specific needs that will drive you towards the goals that are most important to you.

Make It Happen

We implement your plan and work together as we start noticing results every step of the way.

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8 Kick-Ass ways to boost your confidence in the music industry