Believe and Achieve Package

Believe and Achieve Package

My 4-step ‘Believe and Achieve’ coaching package is specifically designed to help music industry professionals like yourself to establish dream goals and to crush them one by one as you step up a level into the new, higher-performing version of yourself!

STEP 1: Find Your Groove

When you live in tune with your values you really vibe, and that’s what keeping it real is all about.
In this first step we begin by going deep to discover what I like to call your ‘crew members’, AKA your values, your passion, your motivation, and all the things that light you up. These ‘crew members’ combine to provide you with the drumbeat to which you live your life. They will be the major driving force behind your work.

Once we have identified your ‘crew members’, you will be able to find your groove and start mapping out the pathway towards creating your dreams.

This is the first step in the program as it helps us to lay the foundations for your future work. Your ‘crew members’ will help you with your decision-making process and save you from wasting valuable amounts of time spent contemplating and questioning what you do.

STEP 2: Change The Broken Record

We’ll start by taking a look at your gremlins – those voices in your head telling you to quit music and get a ‘proper job’, and we’ll work around the self-doubt and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. (“I hope this tune gets signed to a big label”, “I hope <such and such Superstar DJ> will play it”, “I hope it will get a rewind”).

We will identify any patterns in behaviour that have left you feeling demotivated and held you back from pursuing your dreams in the past, and we’ll work to reverse the damage that has been done and get things heating up for you so that you can be motivated, productive, thriving and on fire once again.

We also go deeper and explore ways in which you can masterfully control your physical, biological and psychological environments. The music industry brings with it a life in the fast lane, which can be tough if you don’t have things under control. Here we will work to discover how you can stop showing up as a shell of a human being, how to regain control of your unbalanced lifestyle and erratic hours, and how you can instead show up as a thriving, confident, badass individual.

Through completing this step, you will have a clearer picture of everything that is preventing you from living the life you want, and you will have created the first steps of progress towards the new you!

Remember: Getting what you want means changing your life!

STEP 3: Turn Up The Love

Let’s be real for a moment. You are undeniably going to encounter adversity on your journey. Whether you spill a cup of tea over your keyboard, miss a flight or plans for a big event fall through, at some point the shit is going to hit the fan. This step prepares you to expect the unexpected, learn how to embrace rejection and work on increasing your resilience, so that you can brush off the dust and keep things moving whenever challenges arise.

We want you to love what you do at all times, so here we spark it up by building a structure which focuses on being productive while having a great time simultaneously. We will explore productivity hacks that will best serve your needs, and we zoom into your preparation rituals to make sure you have a solid foundation to set you up for success.

STEP 4: Show Time

So you’ve got the foundations in place and you’re feeling pumped about your future. Now it’s time to take a deep breath, let go of the brakes and give your career the rocket boost you’ve been waiting for.

In this step we bring your unique skills and strengths to centre stage, we crank up the volume on your dreams and aim big by taking serious action that will set you up for success.

We will formulate a game plan for the next 6 months for you to walk away with, which will outline a clear set of goals to pave the way for you to progress to the next level.

By implementing all that we have learned and by focusing on what really matters most to you, you will feel energised, empowered and ready to face your future with confidence. Here’s where you say goodbye to the days of feeling stagnant and stuck forever.

It’s time for you to make it happen and start living your life the way you want, because you only live once and the world needs good music.

The full programme is available to clients worldwide and includes:
  • 10×45 minute one to one coaching sessions with me on ZOOM
  • Unlimited access to me in between sessions via WhatsApp
  • Feedback email after each session
  • Follow-up support session after the end of the course to ensure you’re on track and crushing your goals

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