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Are you passionate about wellness, personal development and making a difference in the world?

Do you want to:
• Do work that is aligned with your values?
• Transform your own life, from your biology to your psychology?
• Get the training you need to truly help and support others in becoming the best version of themselves and realising their potential?

Then becoming a Certified Human Potential Coach could be a great career for you, or next step on your personal development journey!

Human Potential Institute is where I trained to become a Certified Human Potential Coach. I had an amazing experience throughout the training and I feel strongly that this training is one of the best ones out there to truly teach you how to become a successful Coach.

The Human Potential Coach Training combines training in a revolutionary, body-focused, presence-centered coaching methodology, with a deep dive into the worlds of human potential development and high-performance. That means, by the time you’re certified, you’ll be both confident and competent in helping your clients make upgrades in the areas of their life that are most meaningful to them. This includes teaching them how to: get clear on what matters most, work more skilfully with their mind and energy, build better habits and create a deeply, fulfilling

The science-based program teaches you how to develop a thriving life coaching practice focused on helping clients achieve their goals, realise their potential and upgrade their body, mind and life.

The 35-week curriculum combines everything you would expect from a premium
life coach training program, plus cutting edge insights from positive psychology, nutrition, neuroscience and human potential development.

Check out this FREE sample class from Human Potential Institute to see what the Coach Training is all about!

Human Potential Coach Training goes beyond life and health Coaching, covering unique concepts, theories, practices and proven coaching methodologies not found in other programs such as:

• Coaching for: Nutrition, Physical Fitness, Sleep, Energy, Supplements, Resilience,
Stress Reduction, Cognitive Performance
• Anatomy of Habits
• Presence-Based Coaching
• The Art & Science of Biohacking
• Mindfulness Meditation
• Cardiac Coherence Training
• Coaching Through Linguistic Patterns
• Models of Change & Development
• Growth Mindset
• Emotional Intelligence
• Embodied Transformation

In addition to this, HPI provides in-depth business training so that you can start a thriving coaching business.

There are three key ingredients to become a successful life Coach:
1. Commitment to the training
2. Integration of what you learn into your own life
3. A desire to help others realise their full potential and achieve their goals.

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